Rottweiler Mix
Born: February 19, 2013
Owner/Handler: Amanda Abs
Molly is a happy-go-lucky dog who loves everything and everyone. She currently competes and has a variety of titles in the following disciplines: AAC Agility, Updog disc challenge, Barnhunt, Flyball, Advanced Trick Dog and also has her Canine Good Neighbour certification. She started dog sports in 2014 and is such an eager learner that we started competing in all her sports within a year. She is a pleasure to be around, as she is always super happy to see everyone and loves getting attention! Flyball is one of her favourite sports! Molly is a larger sized dog, so she may not be the fastest on the lanes, but she is always consistent and her outgoing and friendly nature is hard to ignore. When not playing sports, Molly is a very relaxed couch potatoe at home and loves to always be by her owner’s side.